This ticket grants you entry to Playfest London. You do not need to print anything off to gain access to the event on the day, simply sign in at the organiser's desk to receive your lanyard. If you are looking to only playtest games (not your own), please purchase a free playtester ticket.


Part of the Playtest UK network, Playfest London is an event dedicated to the playtesting of unpublished and in-development tabletop games. We welcome designers of all experience to sit down with other designers and even some publishers to try out your games and others', give and receive valuable feedback, chat about the industry, and meet a lot of interesting people.


We are thrilled to be granted upstairs space in the non-profit community/cultural centre Matthews Yard in Croydon. The venue will be open until 10pm for drinks and social games.


To register, purchase your £5 day ticket and submit your game details and playtesting preferences. All proceeds will be donated to Matthews Yard. A schedule will be created with a booking page for playtesters to register their interest in your game.


A few notes:
1) Please plan to give as much as you get, if not more. If you have a 1 hour game that sits 3 playtesters, you should aim to play at least 3 hours of other peoples’ games.
2) Please buy your food and drink from the venue. No external food and drink is allowed, and they would appreciate your support for hosting this event.
3) Please give constructive feedback. Designers at this event will have different aims and experience within the hobby/industry, consider this when framing your feedback.
4) We celebrate diversity and inclusion, and every attendee should feel safe and respected. Hateful speech or attitudes will not be welcome.

Playfest London - Designer Ticket