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Pick and mix colours to create unique colour schemes in this art-inspired strategy game!


You are an artist, mixing and matching colours to create unique colour schemes as part of Mix Inc., the company responsible for the hottest colour trends in art and design. Can you perform under pressure and compete against other artists to be the first to create your winning scheme?


Draft cards to add colours to your palette, trade with other players, and mix colours together to make swatches and build your own colour scheme. Manage your resources and balance speed and efficiency to be the first to finish, but watch out for spilled paint!Swatch is a game for 1-4 artists, featuring a solo mode designed by David Digby.


Swatch contains:


110 cards (including solo deck)

120 wooden resource tokens

8 printed wooden player tokens

2 wooden colour dice



£29.00 Regular Price
£25.00Sale Price
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